"One breath at a time."

Alejandra del Fuego
Yoga & Dance Instructor

I used to watch my dad sit on a black round cushion with eyes closed and legs crossed and both his hands on his knees making two of his fingers do a little circle shape figure...

And my mom would lay with me and make us travel with her words to amazing places were my mind and body would completely relax...

Both of them taught me about forms of meditation, but I understood years later. Life and stress management  took me to the world of pole dance and competitions, and into the Yoga journey back in 2008.

Yes I have certifications, no I have not been in India. I have learned how to observe my own practice and the stories the body tells in many ways and the same goes with the stories from the students around me, that is how I learn the most.

Always grateful for this experience alongside all of you.