"Let´s enjoy the practice."

Tania Cabal
RYT 300

I am "Chiricana", but grew up in Panama City.  Seven years ago I returned with my husband and two children to Chiriquí in search of a better quality life for myself and my family. I am a graduate in photography and I used to work exclusively as a photographer and teacher until my encounter with yoga in 2016, with the help of a good friend.

Like many, I sought Yoga to recover my health and my physical, mental and spiritual balance. The improvements in these 3 planes were so many and so relevant that I could not help but feel grateful for having found this path.  I felt deeply attracted to dedicate myself to teaching classes to share these wonderful tools.

I started teaching classes at the request of people close to me -- my own classmates and my family. My interest in learning more and better methods of transmitting made me determine to achieve a certification, which I managed to complete in 2019.

From my beginnings with my practice until today I am convinced that yoga is a technology for the human being to develop their full potential.

I promote yoga as a tool for self-knowledge and the improvement of our physical, mental and spiritual being.

What I want to continue sharing with my classes are "routes" that can be followed, but also modified by each one of us to adapt to our reality and lifestyle.

There is a beautiful and exciting way to go in fullness and joy.